Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience


The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience! Special Collection #1

Release #: 2016-1115-1S


The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience! Special Collection #1

From Living Word Publications: John Robert Stevens’ ministry of the living Word from July 1981 – December 1982 became an unfolding, crescendo of impartation—a creative tidal wave in the Kingdom of God on earth. We have grouped these messages, available on this store separately, into a special bundled Collection #1 of The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience. These select messages on CD and vintage print are the catalyst of oneness in relationships, impartation, miracles, healing, and transformation. These messages are dispensational; they provide the Body of Christ with a blueprint for living in two realms at once, and for bringing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Special Price Bundle #1: Purchase 125 messages on 100 CDs, and 36 vintage printed This Weeks and a Free Sermon booklet for just $200 plus tax and shipping.

These 125 messages represent a third (approximately 450 total) of the messages from the Unfolding and Unwrapping that will become available. We are remastering more CDs from this series every month and more print is being loaded on the store in the near future (vintage printings may be in less than new condition).


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