A Musical Collection: Songs from The Shiloh Amphitheater

Release #: RSR-1200




We are happy to present a great collection of original songs, compiled from the live July 4th shows in the Shiloh Amphitheater. Performed by our talented actors and singers, these 13 selections chosen for their strong lyrics and powerful orchestration are sure to please kids and grown-ups alike. For fans of Broadway musicals, this CD is a must. If you attended the live performances, these songs will bring back memories from shows such as The Perfect Place, This Side Of Monday and My All-American Evening. Presented in stereo from live digital recordings, this is a quality CD that will be enjoyed by all!

Track List

  1. Someone Like You
  2. All
  3. Any Moment
  4. Be True To Yourself
  5. Angels Never Sleep
  6. Growing Up Too Soon
  7. If I Only Could
  1. I’ll Never Let Go
  2. Of This House
  3. Destiny
  4. Walk Away
  5. Just A Little Faith
  6. Our Flag Is Flying Still


Download a high quality MP3 version of the song: “Our Flag is Flying Still” by clicking below.

Our Flag Is Flying Still.mp3