“All God Has Said, I Am” / “Create Through Me, Thy Servant” / God’s Plan

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L8TW83XIV-08



“All God Has Said, I Am”

God is teaching us to thoroughly reject our tolerance of satan and He is provoking us to BE the Word. This is a Word to those in travail.

“Create Through Me, Thy Servant”

How staggering is the Word of God that confirms His vast promises and provisions for us!  How awesome are His requirements and commissions for us to complete them. How wonderful that His Word can also make us the fulfillment of all that He requires of us.

God’s Plan

Zion is travailing and the jaws of the dragon are snapping to devour the manchild, but the focus of our travail is not satan’s assault. Rather, it is to believe the Word and see God’s plan established in the earth. The priesthood that God is raising up is becoming the midwife to bring forth Christ in a many-membered Body.