As He Really Is / Aware Of Him

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: 2017-0513-1R

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As He Really Is / Aware Of Him


Available on CD: As He Really Is / Aware Of Him, by John Robert Stevens. These messages were spoken in No. Hollywood, CA and in Sepulveda, CA on Thursday, November 26, 1981.

As He Really Is

We break our bondage to any misconception of the Lord that we have had. A distortion of God is as bad as a graven image. We can only be one with Him as He really is.

Aware Of Him

In all things, whatever befalls us, in battle, in victories, assault and blessings, He is with us. To be unaware of Him means that we doubt His presence. Faith unveils our awareness of Him and makes our heart a perpetual fountain of thanksgiving.