By Report Or By Revelation / Learning About The World Of Spirit

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L8TW83XIV-15



By Report Or By Revelation

It is revelation of the Lord or of one another that is the basis of oneness and our relationship. The relationship that we have gives an access to one another and to the Lord that may be all of the contact we ever need. The human reports of Jesus, both good and bad, are not to be compared with the revelation some had of Him. And thus we too determine to know one another, not after the flesh but after the spirit. Everywhere we will learn to relate in the spirit and not after the flesh, nor by the reports or testimony of men.

Learning About The World Of Spirit

This teaching is a simple and essential survey of the spiritual realm of the Kingdom in its functionings. It is a comprehensive basic understanding of the past revelations of 30 years and of the present revelation of the future in the Kingdom.