Is Christ Divided? – by Gary Hargrave

by Gary Hargrave

Release #: L4IC201410201R



Is Christ Divided? will transform the way you perceive Christ’s many-membered Body. In his disgust with the division found within the Corinthian church, Paul asks the question, “Has Christ been divided?” (1 Corinthians 1:13). Paul’s voice should ring in our ears today, challenging us to answer that question. It is impossible for Christ, and therefore His Church, to exist in division. Is Christ Divided? is a road map into the coming oneness of the global Body of Christ.

ISBN 978-1-891-787-07-2

Table of Contents:

  1. No Excuse for Division
  2. The Pathway to Oneness
  3. Baptized Into the Spirit of Unity
  4. Stand in Your Place
  5. God Has So Composed the Body
  6. Am I Committed to Oneness?
  7. Tabernacles–The Great Ingathering
  8. Our Prime Directive
  9. Are We the Church That Christ Spoke Of?
  10. That They May All Be One
  11. Finding the Way Back Into Oneness
  12. We Are Responsible for Oneness
  13. We Are One Man
  14. A Case for Unity Between Christianity and Judaism
  15. Our Unity Brings His Anointing
  16. He Is Gathering the Nations
  1. Oneness Triggers the Outpouring
  2. There Is No Division in Christ’s Body
  3. Oneness–Our Authority to Bind Satan
  4. Oneness–The Enabling to Fulfill Our Purpose
  5. Our Faith for the Catholic Church
  6. We Celebrate Christ’s Coming in His Many-Membered Body
  7. Only As One Can We Take the Kingdom
  8. Making Disciples of the Nations
  9. In Oneness and Filled With the Spirit
  10. Remember, You Were Included
  11. Immaturity Is the Direct Result of Division
  12. Creating Oneness in the Body of Christ
  13. A Prophetic Message for the Church Today
  14. The Lord Our God Is One
  15. The Bride of Christ
  16. Our Oneness–The Measure of His Glory