Living Word Digital Library (Collection II)

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L1LW2008-04181R



Book Description

This CD includes 166 messages in 10 books by John Robert Stevens, as well as the King James Version of the Bible and the Libronix Digital Library System™. Compatible with Logos Bible Software and Libronix e-books.

Book Summary

"To hear and receive the Living Word today is to become a fountain of it yourself." John Robert Stevens’ revelation led to the publication of many books by the Living Word over the years. This CD includes 10 of these books in an easily searchable format that can be used alone or with your existing Libronix digital library. These scripturally based teachings cover a range of subjects and are an invaluable tool for personal study, teaching, sermon outline preparation, and training in the ministry.

The CD includes the King James Bible and the following digital books by John Robert Stevens:

Elijah & Elisha

  1. Give Me Your Son
  2. The Day Of Fire And Rain
  3. What Are You Doing Here?
  4. The Prophet’s Mantle
  5. A Jar Of Salt
  6. The Problems Of Prophets
  1. Don’t Get Trampled To Death
  2. Chariots Of Fire All Around
  3. Why Have You Torn Your Clothes?
  4. The Chariots Of Israel
  5. I’ll Take Twice As Much

He is Willing and Able

  1. He Is Willing And Able
  2. What God Cannot Do
  3. Thus Saith The Lord—We Believe
  4. God Will Be To You What You Believe Him To Be
  5. Active Faith
  1. The Word Of Power
  2. Victory
  3. And Keep On Asking
  4. Believe—I
  5. Believe—II

Kingdom Sabbath, Vol.1

  1. The Sabbath And The New Day
  2. Call The Sabbath A Delight
  3. The Sabbath Rest Of The Kingdom
  4. For Whose Sake?
  1. On Whose Terms?
  2. The Sabbath—His Rest
  3. The Sabbath—Our Delight

Living Prophecies

  1. Judgment Declared And Oppressions Broken
  2. Make Great Claims Upon The Lord
  3. Claim The Promises And Provisions Of The Lord
  4. A New Day, A New Door
  5. There Shall Be Victory Upon Victory
  6. Deliverance In The Victory Of The Lord
  7. A Day Without Limitations
  8. Healing And Protection For The Flock
  9. Immunity In Times Of Judgment
  10. A Command To Rejoice
  11. A Great And Mighty Day
  12. God Can Take This House And Bless This Nation
  13. Let The Blessed Remnant Claim This Nation For God
  14. The Offense Is Ours
  15. Humble Vessels Are God’s Instruments
  1. A Day Of Fullness And Restoration
  2. The Rivers Of Blessing Shall Flow
  3. The Lord Hath Smiled Upon Thee
  4. The Mighty Power Of The Living Word
  5. Appropriate
  6. Enter In With All Thine Heart
  7. Blessings To Spare
  8. The Day Of Blessing And Of Judgment Has Already Come
  9. The Lord Hath Undergirded Thee
  10. Fruitfulness And Warfare
  11. The Enemy Is Cast Down, and Blessings And Victories To Come
  12. The Glory Of God In His House, and Financial Blessings
  13. The Creative Power Of The Prophetic Word
  14. Concerning Our Nation, and New Light In The Scripture
  15. The Day Hath Dawned

Meditations For Worshipers

  1. Seven Principles of Worship
  2. We Wash Before We Worship
  3. The Will to Worship
  4. Worship From the Heart
  5. God’s Response to our Worship
  6. Instruction in Fresh Participation
  7. Exhortation on How to Worship
  1. Revolutionary Ideas for our Worship Services
  2. Some Keys to the Spirit-Led Worship Service
  3. Participators—Not Spectators
  4. Creating a Better Bond in the Spirit
  5. A New Day—A New Song
  6. The Priority of Worship
  7. The Pure Worship

New Thinking For A New Day

  1. Be Ready For The New
  2. Sweep Out The Corners
  3. The Day After
  4. Leave All—Or Lose All
  5. Suffer It To Be So Now
  6. The Neighbor Next To Thee
  7. When God Is Impatient
  8. New Thinking For A New Day
  1. The Spoils Of Egypt
  2. By Faith Moses Kept The Passover
  3. A Night Of Prophecy
  4. Immunity Before Awareness
  5. The Passover Of Warfare
  6. The Family—God’s Unit Of Service
  7. The Passover For The Unworthy And Unprepared

Paschal Messages

  1. God’s Set Time For Our Appropriation
  2. A Survey Of The Passover
  3. What To Look For In The Feast
  4. Sweeping Out The Leaven
  5. Remission Of Sins
  6. Have Staff—Will Travel
  7. God Provided—You Make It Happen
  8. Christ Came To Destroy The Works Of The Devil
  9. The Basis For This Walk
  10. Deliver Us From Deceit
  11. Rebellion Is As Witchcraft
  12. The Basis Of Self-Ministry
  13. We Know Not What The Lord Will Require Of Us
  14. The Feast Of Unleavened Bread
  15. Ye Shall Walk Together As One
  1. Festival Of Freedoms
  2. Change By A Revelation Of The Lord
  3. Let Nothing Of It Remain Until Morning
  4. Loins Girded, Shoes On Feet, And Staff In Hand
  5. The Kindred Covenant Commonly Called The Threshold Covenant
  6. Delivered To Be His Worshipers
  7. The Principles Of The First-Born
  8. The Empty Chair
  9. Ye That Have Ears To Hear
  10. The Midnight Cry
  11. By The Blood Of The Lamb And The Word Of Their Testimony
  12. Blood Of Judgment
  13. None Of You Shall Go Out Of The Door Until Morning
  14. A Covenant In His Blood

Passover Precepts

  1. Our Inheritance In The Kingdom
  2. The Leaven Of Malice And Wickedness
  3. Steadfastness
  4. Authority To Make Disciples
  5. Are We The Most Miserable Of All Men?
  6. To The Uttermost
  7. Implicit Obedience From An Honest Heart
  8. By Faith I Have Refused—By Faith I Have Chosen
  9. Rolling Away The Reproach Of Egypt
  1. Instead Of The Shame Of Bondage
  2. All Of Us—All The Way
  3. Call The Sabbath A Delight
  4. The Opening Of A New Door
  5. This Is The Day
  6. The Lamb Led To Slaughter
  7. The Miracle Walk Of Confirmation
  8. I Have Earnestly Desired To Eat This Passover With You (Luke 22:15)
  9. Symbolic Instructions For The Passover
  10. Your Lamb Shall Be Without Blemish
  11. The Restored Passover
  12. The Purpose Of Passover

Pray Without Ceasing

  1. What Will It Be—A Token Or A Torrent?
  2. If Thou Go Not With Us
  3. Every Member An Intercessor
  4. Intercession In The Spirit
  5. The Necessity Of Travail
  6. If I Regard Iniquity In My Heart
  1. Intercession In The Kingdom
  2. The Spirit Of An Effective Intercessor
  3. Objectives Of Prayer
  4. Prayerlessness—The Sin Against The Lord
  5. A Meeting With The Lord
  6. Persistent Prayer—For What And To Whom?

Some Things About Love

  1. Some Things About Love
  2. Some More Things About Love
  3. Keep Yourselves
  4. Love’s Intense Involvement
  5. Love’s Extremes
  6. Determined Love
  7. Love—The Test of Maturity
  8. The Test of Disillusionment
  9. Don’t Be Surprised
  1. Descend—Ascend—Love
  2. How Much He Loves You
  3. Guidelines for Abounding Love
  4. Pursue Love
  5. The Love Habit
  6. Free to Serve
  7. Love Defined
  8. By Love Serve One Another


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  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • 550 MB hard drive space
  • 800×600 display (1024×768 recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
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