More Than Salvation – by Gary Hargrave

by Gary Hargrave

Release #: L4MT2005042201R



Although the story of Christ’s suffering and sacrifice has been taught since the days of the early Church, its impact on believers has continually lessened as time has distanced us from that great event. In this profound teaching about salvation, Gary Hargrave returns the reader to the original experience through Scriptures, history, and revelation, illuminating God’s sacrifice of His only begotten Son for each one of us. Weaving together both the Old and New Testament understandings of the time of Passover, this book sheds new light on the most important moment in human history. Making the necessity of a salvation experience in our lives very clear, this book also provides an intimate personal prayer that can be spoken aloud to the Lord to enable such an experience. This is a timeless teaching for people of all ages and all faiths. This book makes it clear that your relationship with Christ involves More Than Salvation.

ISBN: 1891787020