Obtain the Promises

by Gary Hargrave

Release #: L4OT201604081R



The messages in this book are an impartation of the drive to see every promise in God’s Word brought into reality as a living experience today. Through this book, Gary Hargrave reveals the spirit of the founder of The Living Word Fellowship, John Robert Stevens. The drive to obtain the promises and manifest God’s Kingdom on the earth is the root of who John Stevens was. This is the spiritual legacy that was imparted to our spirits when we heard him. It was that living, abiding Word of God that was implanted in our hearts (1 Peter 1:23).

ISBN 978-1-891787-08-9

Table of Contents:

  1. Lord, Now Is the Time
  2. And They Shall Flee Before You Seven Ways — Deuteronomy 28:7
  3. What Stops Us Now?
  4. The Living Word: The Fight of Faith
  5. Unbelief — Your Greatest Enemy
  6. When God Comes Down
  7. The Holy Spirit Will Descend and Remain
  8. We Wear the Mantle of Christ
  9. Atonement: Our Promise of Sanctification
  1. A Personal Experience With the Word of God
  2. When the Word Becomes Flesh
  3. Do You Really Believe in Life?
  4. Lord, I Believe in Your Resurrection — Help My Unbelief
  5. Faith That Is a Gift
  6. The Witness and the Works
  7. Intimate, Creative Prayer
  8. Let Him Love You
  9. Worship That Brings His Presence