Sparks from the Altar – by John Robert Stevens

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L1SF98032701R



(1998 Edition)

Have you ever hungered for more in-depth teaching about the Word? This collection of twenty-three substantive messages about topics ranging from "God’s Covenant Of Love" to "Aggressive Warfare" will satisfy that hunger. Clear and direct in tone, John Robert Stevens’ Sparks From The Altar is based soundly on the truths of Scripture. His compelling words encourage us to examine our spiritual walk, then commit to growing in the Lord. This book will prove an invaluable tool to ministers, mature believers, and new Christians alike as it refreshes, illuminates, and edifies.

ISBN: 1891787004       Suggested Retail: $8.95

Table of Contents:

  1. The Believer’s Joy
  2. The Second Golden Grace
  3. God’s Covenant of Love
  4. God Loves You
  5. Characteristics of Love
  6. Jonah, the Prophet Without Love
  7. Obedience to Spiritual Revelation
  8. Contrary Winds
  9. This Walk with God
  10. Dying in the Way
  11. Our Faithfulness
  12. Moment by Moment
  1. Looking unto Jesus
  2. Amazing Answers to Prayer
  3. Aggressive Warfare
  4. The Wheat and the Tares
  5. The Man Who Thoroughly Trusts God–Psalm 91
  6. Seek Ye First the Kingdom
  7. Temples of the Living God
  8. Made Perfect in One
  9. The Right Meditation
  10. The Joy of the Lord
  11. The Army of the Lord