The Ezekiel Company Prophesies Oneness — Video

by Gary Hargrave

Release #: Free-GH-V0001


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This message was spoken in North Hills, CA on Saturday, October 19, 2013 by Gary Hargrave, Portuguese translation by Silas Esteves.

God has been speaking a prophetic word that the Body of Christ is to come together in oneness. The power and testimony of the early Church will be restored not because we try to agree on doctrines and creeds, but because we fulfill Christ’s great commandment: love one another. As God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy over the valley of dry bones, He is today commanding those who embrace the diversity and oneness of the Body of Christ to prophesy that the Body comes together in love. This message, spoken to a gathering of Catholic priests and bishops and Protestant ministers, is a guide for how we move together into this new day.