The Relationship Itself Ministers / The Challenge Of Change

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L8TW83XIV-13



The Relationship Itself Ministers

We sometimes feel that the only effective ministry comes by the forms of impartation such as: laying on of hands, blessing, preaching or teaching, etc. But there are times that you sense that just the spiritual relationship and oneness that you have ministers without a word, without a touch, without a form, or access to one another. This is talking to the family on the beach.

The Challenge Of Change

Why does God create a chaos before He creates a new Word? The same Word that says, “Let there be” has leveled the existing forms that could never bring total fulfillment of the Word. We heard it and now we become it. The great creative level of the Kingdom with its expression of divine order must succeed, or follow the forms that limited fulfillment of the Word.