This Week, Volume I

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L2BV01



From 1970 to 1983, The Living Word published messages by John Robert Stevens as individual booklets called This Weeks. Encompassing a vast range of topics, these messages are an invaluable tool for personal study, teaching, sermon outline preparation, and training in the ministry. In the 1980’s the This Week messages were reprinted in a ten-volume set.

This Week Volume I contains the following 96 messages.

A Day Of Deliverance

A Partaker Of His Victory

A Plan And A Way For Thee


Active Faith

Adorned With His Glory

Altogether Faithful

As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He

Beyond Our Understanding

Bringing Many Sons To Birth

“By Sight Or By Faith”


Characteristics Of Love

Church At Study Lessons:

Coming Into An Age Of Honesty

Contrary Winds

Destined For Victory

Expressing Our Faith In Worship

Facing This Hour

Faint Not

Faith To Overcome

Filled To Walk In His Perfect Will

Five Disciplines

Fruit Of The Spirit

“Get With It”

God Loves You

God Will Be To You What You Believe Him To Be

God’s Covenant Of Love

God’s Viewpoint

I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me

Immunity Given

Intensity Of Desire

Joyfulness Of Faith Commanded

Keys To Worship–Lifting Restraints

Led By Our Captain

Let There Be A Certainty In Your Heart

Let’s Change Fast

Like The Depth Of His Love, So Is His Provision

Living In The Word Of God

Living On The Spirit Level

Make It Happen

Mercy And Judgment

One Pearl Of Great Price

Our Faithfulness

Press Into The Promises

Pressing Toward The Mark

Ready For A Special Work

Rejoice In The Blessings

Release From Bondage

Remember God Now, In The Days Of Your Youth


Responsibility Of Liberty And Blessing

Rich In The Promises

Serving The Lord With An Excellent Spirit–Daniel 6

Set Your Heart On His Promises

Set Your Heart Upon The Lord

Sitting Where They Sit

Take Faith And Walk

The Believer’s Joy

The Covering

The Creative Day Of The Kingdom

The Dawning Of His Kingdom

The Downfall of Babylon

The Last Chapter Of The Mystery–Revelation 19

The Lord Has Begun Many Things Within You

The Lord Is The Secret Place

The Lord Is With Thee

The Lord Loveth Thee

The Many Facets Of A Moving Church

The New Joshua Generation

The New Kingdom Bible

The Passing And The Permanent

The Path To Grace

The Right Meditation

The Second Golden Grace

The Song Of Solomon

The Spirit Of Heaviness Judged

The Training Of A Minister

The True Worshiper

The Word Of Power

This Is What It’s All About

This Walk With God

Thou Art In The Path

To See The Lord

True Counsellors And Witnesses

Waking Your Spirit

Walk In The Paths Of Victory

Walking With God

Wholly Sanctified

Worship Amid Crisis And Apostasy

Worship Amid Delays And Distractions

Worship Amid Persecutions

Worship Amid Trials And Malignment

Worship At The Altar Of Grace

Worship During Warfare

Worship When Afflicted For This Walk