This Week, Volume II

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L2BV02



From 1970 to 1983, The Living Word published messages by John Robert Stevens as individual booklets called This Weeks. Encompassing a vast range of topics, these messages are an invaluable tool for personal study, teaching, sermon outline preparation, and training in the ministry. In the 1980’s, the This Week messages were reprinted in a ten-volume set.

This Week Volume II contains the following 75 messages.

A Dead Pharaoh

A Workshop For Seers

Active Or Passive?

Acts Of Faith

“All God Has Said, I Am”

Always Persistent

“And This We Do In The Name Of The Lord”

Awareness Of Present Changes

By Report Or By Revelation

Control Or Change?

“Create Through Me, Thy Servant”

Doers Become Miracles

Don’t Fear His Order

Don’t Lock Your Door

Don’t Shrink

“Each By The Other’s Faith”–Romans 1:12

Faith Without An “If”

First The Overflow, Then …

From God Through You

Gazing Intently

Gifts For The Imperfect

God’s Plan

“… Has Been Judged” (John 16:11)

Hear It, Do It, Become It

His Order

How Do You Defend Yourself?

How Do You Feel About Us?

I Live In You And Create You

I Receive It From Your Hands

I See With Love

I Submit To Your Authority

I’ve Got It In My Hand!

Kingdom Marriage Ceremonies–Part I

Learning About The World Of Spirit

Neither Condemned Nor Intimidated

Neither Control Nor Be Controlled

Now, The Physical Body!

Of What Do We Repent?

Oneness Defeats Satan

Oneness Is A Burden Of Joy

Oneness Is Forever

Only To Believe

Open That Heart!

Our Flesh Limits God

Present Changes

Proverbs: The Roots Of Fear

Pure Love Gives, Not Possesses

Purity Is Appropriated

Purity, Perception, Procedure

Satan’s Propaganda Or The Creative Word Part 1

Satan’s Propaganda Or The Creative Word Part 2

Swallowed Up Into One

“Tell Me What I Am?!”

The Challenge Of Change

The Freedom And Flow–The Problems Of No Walls

The Relationship Itself Ministers

The Search For A Father

The Third Generation Speaks Up

The Unfolding–Part III

The Unfolding–Part IV

The Unfolding–Part IX

The Unfolding–Part V

The Unfolding–Part VI

The Unfolding–Part VII

The Unfolding–Part VIII

“These Promises Are For You”

This Was Our Judgment Day

Visions Of Judgment

Wedding: Bill And Phyllis–And The Law Of The Unequal Yoke

Wedding: Bob And Sarah–Create One Another

Wedding: Steve And Dayna–Love Bears The Burden

Wedding: Steve And Shannon–I Will Not Leave

With Authority And Under Authority

You Are In My Heart

You Really Do Love Me!