This Week, Volume IV

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L2BV04



From 1970 to 1983, The Living Word published messages by John Robert Stevens as individual booklets called This Weeks. Encompassing a vast range of topics, these messages are an invaluable tool for personal study, teaching, sermon outline preparation, and training in the ministry. In the 1980’s the This Week messages were reprinted in a ten-volume set.

This Week Volume IV contains the following 106 messages.

A Continuing Vision

A Sense Of God’s Presence

A Very Present Help–Eternally!

A Vision Of God

Aggressive Appropriation

All That We Are And All That We Have

Amos Prophesies The Day Of The Lord

An Exhortation On Distractions

An Exhortation To The Children Of The Kingdom

Are You Able To Bear It?

As Though Some Strange Thing Were Happening

Authority Not Worthiness

Be An Avalanche Starter

Behold, The Sunrise!


Beyond Dedication–Motivation

Confidence And Steadfastness


Dedication For Moving This World

Determined Love

Discipleship Without Reservation

Disturbing Yourself

Don’t Be Conditioned To Delays

Don’t Let The Enemy Get A Wedge In


Faithful And True


God Willed To Make Known

God’s Call To This Generation

Honesty Of Heart

How Shall I Think Of You?

How To Appropriate God’s Power

I Am What God Says I Am

If You Can Believe

Immutable Presence

Instruction For Prophesying-I

Instruction For Prophesying-II

Jehovah-Elyon (The Lord Most High)

Jehovah-Jireh (God Will Provide)

Jehovah-Meqaddeshkem (The Lord Who Sanctifies You)

Jehovah-Nissi (The Lord Is My Banner)

Jehovah-Roi (The Lord My Shepherd)

Jehovah-Rophek (God Our Healer)

Jehovah-Sabaoth (The Lord Of Hosts)

Jehovah-Shalom (The Lord Is Peace)

Jehovah-Shammah (The Lord Is There)

Jehovah-Tsidkenu (The Lord Is Our Righteousness)

Let Every Heart Be Searched

Let Us Be Faithful

Look Forward To Tomorrow

Lord Or Thief?

Lord, Restore!

Ministries Of The Kingdom


Names Given To Men And Places

Names Of The Lord


Our Dedication To The Lord

Our Expanding Awareness

Our God Is A Right-Now God

Out Of So Many Will Come So Few

Paint Out The Stumps

Personal Preparation For The Worship Service

Possibilities Unlimited


Renew A Right Spirit

Service: The Purpose Of God In This Generation

Speak It Into Existence

Stewards Of His Fullness

Talents And Loyalties

That The Bones Which Thou Hast Broken May Rejoice

The Bruised Reed And The Smoldering Wick

The Cockeyed Christian

The Components Of Faith

The Day Of God’s Victory And Vengeance

The Dual Ministry Of The End Time

The Fast That I Chose

The Fruit Of The Lips, Or “Me And My Big Mouth!”

The Guard To Your Heart And Mind

The Importance Of A Walk With God

The Lord Is To Be First

The Lord Revealed

The Mirage

The Necessity Of Revelation

The New Creative Flow

The Release Of An Apostle

The Substance And The Evidence

The Time That Every Prophet Foresaw

The Vessel God Chooses And Uses

The Word Made Flesh

The Words God Has Spoken To Us

This Expanding Walk

This Is Our Way Of Life

This Is The Way, Walk Ye In It

This Walk In The Spirit

Thy Light Shall Rise In Darkness

Triggering Judgment


Violent, Aggressive Praying And Exhorting

Walking Aggressively

We Hope For What We Do Not See

What Is Reality?

When Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment–James 2:13

Where Are Your Treasures?

Where Is Your Emphasis?

Without Distractions