This Week, Volume VI

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L2BV06



From 1970 to 1983, The Living Word published messages by John Robert Stevens as individual booklets called This Weeks. Encompassing a vast range of topics, these messages are an invaluable tool for personal study, teaching, sermon outline preparation, and training in the ministry. In the 1980’s the This Week messages were reprinted in a ten-volume set.

This Week Volume VI contains the following 80 messages.

A Father’s Viewpoint

Always Abounding

Always With Joy

An Offering By Fire

Another Milestone

Blessed Indeed (Prophecy)

Break Every Yoke–Isaiah 58:6

Cast Off The Chains (Prophecy)

Death By Fire

Deception, Revelation, And Intercession

Don’t Be Discontented

Entrust To Faithful Men

Exhortation On Submission

Exhortation To Believe

Faithfully And Exclusively His

First And Foremost–The Kingdom

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Getting To Know You In The Spirit

Guidelines To Divine Order

He Said It–I Became It

How To Receive A Word From The Lord

I Will Go Before Thee

If The Walk Exceeds Your Faith

Intensity In Prayer

Is God Enough For Me? #2

Is God Enough For Me? #l

It Is Settled!

Keep Coming! Keep Drinking!

Lord, Make Me Overflow

Lord, What Do You Think About Babylon?

Love, As I Have Loved You

Mantle Of Praise

Mournful Or Joyful?

No Commercial Value

Now It’s Our Turn

Our Prayer

Our Strength And Prosperity In The Lord (Prophecy)

Overflowing Blessing (Prophecy)

Perfecting A Right Attitude

Positioned In Victory (Prophecy)

Principles Of Displacement

Purged, Purified And Refined

Purity And Perception

Put Your Confidence In The Lord (Prophecy)

Rivers Of Living Water (Prophecy)

Spiritual Perception-Tune In, Then Bless

Stand In The Victory Of The Lord (Prophecy)

Streets Of Gold

Support Your Local Body

Tell Them The King Reigns

The Ark of Gold

The Big Picture

The Corrective Judgment In Love

The Danger Of Evasion

The Delightful Bride

The Fixed Focus

The Greeks Want To See Jesus

The Jealousy Of God

The Kingdom Is Inherited

The Kingdom Passover

The Law Of The Jungle Or The Law Of The King

The Lord Is Nigh

The Love Habit

The Resurrection Body

The Test Of True And False Prophets

The Testimony Of Christ

The Word Of Our Testimony (Exhortation)

The Word–A Vital Force (Exhortation)

Three Steps To Our Protection

Three Tools Of Satan: Heaviness, Sympathy, Distractions

Tune In

Unto The Principalities And Powers Through The Church

Walk Forward In Freedom (Prophecy)

Walking Free From Oppression

What Is Babylon?

What Would You Choose?

Where Did You Get Those Fears?

Why The Wipe-Out?

Why Worry?

You Are Not An Animal