This Week, Volume VIII

by John Robert Stevens

Release #: L2BV08



From 1970 to 1983, The Living Word published messages by John Robert Stevens as individual booklets called This Weeks. Encompassing a vast range of topics, these messages are an invaluable tool for personal study, teaching, sermon outline preparation, and training in the ministry. In the 1980’s the This Week messages were reprinted in a ten-volume set.

This Week Volume I contains the following 85 messages.

A Hammer And A Fire

A Living Word Or Empty Words?

A Lonely Bird On The Roof

A Perfect Priest, Perfect Sacrifice, Perfect Victory

A Prophetic Proclamation Of Liberty For The Citizens Of His Kingdom

A Pure Word From A Clean Vessel

Always Aware

An Extra Portion For The Sabbath

Be Thou My Everlasting Wall Of Fire

Before They Call

Beware Of The Dogs

Breaking The Time Barrier

Come Alive!

Demand That He Be God!

Don’t Look Where You’re Going

Experiencing The Day Of Atonement

First We Grovel, Then We Grab

From Many Comes One

Giving With Revelation

God Said It! I Must Have It!

I Am A Broken Sacrifice

I Am Going To Measure Jerusalem

“I Was Watching Satan Fall …” Luke 10:18

“I’ll Tolerate No Delay!!!”–I

“I’ll Tolerate No Delay!!!”–II

I Will Not Compete With You


It Begins With You!

It’s Done! And By The Lord God It Will Stay Done!

Judgment: When We Do And When We Don’t

Keys For The Locked Doors

Lift Your Eyes To New Horizons

Look! God Is With You!

Look, No Vipers!

Not Me And Mine, But We And Ours

Parallel To Our Path

Perfect In One

“Perhaps My Sons Have Sinned …” Job 1:5

Plumb Perfect

Polish Up Your Dream

Prepare A Highway For Our God

Prepare To Prosper!

Preparing For The Honeymoon

Proclaim Him Lord

Rebuke The Devourer

Sons, Sons, Sons Not Pigs, Pigs, Pigs!

The Christ In Me Speaks

The Cross-Out Principle

The Formula For Joy

The Greeks Had A Word For It

The Hands Are A Channel

The High-Level Prayer

The Kingdom Marriage And The Godly Seed

The Lifted Hand Of Covenant

The New Kingdom Woman

The Perception Of The Pure

The Prophet-Priest Of The Kingdom

The Protection And The Power Of The Blood

The Pure Ministry Of Judgment

The Right To Become

The Thief And Contaminator

The Tormenting Walk Of Fear

The Truthers And The Liars

The Vision Sustains Us

There’s More To Take

This Walk Is For The Birds–That Soar

To New Levels Of Joy

“To Proclaim Liberty Unto Them” Jeremiah 34:8

Tomorrow’s Joy

Total Discipleship Will Dominate The World

We Have The Uglies

We Pull It Down

We’re The Fuse For God’s Explosion

We’ve Done It And We’ve Won It

What Did I Do To Deserve This?

What’s Happening to Time?

When God Becomes Our Boundaries

When Love Takes Over

When The Heart Hears.

When The Heart Speaks

When The Righteous Man Prays

Who Knows? The Submissive Do!

Who’s First Into The Kingdom?

Whole And Complete–At His Presence

You Can’t Discourage A Humble Man