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By John Robert Stevens
3:54 Minutes

In 1933, when he was fourteen, John Robert Stevens wrote out his deep commitment to Christ in To Be A Christian.

To be a Christian, as I understand Christ, means the acceptance of the absolute authority of Jesus in all of my life. It means that in everything I am and do–when I eat and drink, when I buy and sell, when I work and play, when I read and think–that I look to Jesus as my Master. It means that I enthrone Him as King in my affections; that I subject my friendships to His dominion; that I conduct my business and my intellectual and social life under His inspection and direction. It means that my ruling passion–the passion that shall absorb all other interests shall be to live my whole life under the sovereignty of Jesus. It means that I honor His name above every other name, and place obedience to Him above every other obligation.