Paschal Messages

by John Robert Stevens

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Available PDF Download: Paschal Messages, by John Robert Stevens.

Paschal Messages

This book of Paschal Messages likens the events of Passover to your walk with the Lord in this day. Passover is a time of freedom from oppression and bondage. In the process of our deliverance we encounter Satan’s tactics to stop us–the spirits of heaviness, discouragement, rebellion–but the Lord has made provisions by the blood of Jesus Christ for our unhindered deliverance; the only requirement for appropriation is the utter surrender and submission of all that we are to His perfect will.

Table of Contents:

  1. God’s Set Time For Our Appropriation
  2. A Survey Of The Passover
  3. What To Look For In The Feast
  4. Sweeping Out The Leaven
  5. Remission Of Sins
  6. Have Staff–Will Travel
  7. God Provided–You Make It Happen
  8. Christ Came To Destroy The Works Of The Devil
  9. The Basis For This Walk
  10. Deliver Us From Deceit
  11. Rebellion Is As Witchcraft
  12. The Basis Of Self-Ministry
  13. We Know Not What The Lord Will Require Of Us
  14. The Feast Of Unleavened Bread
  15. Ye Shall Walk Together As One
  16. Festival Of Freedoms
  1. Change By A Revelation Of The Lord
  2. Let Nothing Of It Remain Until Morning
  3. Loins Girded, Shoes On Feet, And Staff In Hand
  4. The Kindred Covenant Commonly Called The Threshold Covenant
  5. Delivered To Be His Worshipers
  6. The Principles Of The First-Born
  7. The Empty Chair
  8. Ye That Have Ears To Hear
  9. The Midnight Cry
  10. By The Blood Of The Lamb And The Word Of Their Testimony
  11. Blood Of Judgment
  12. None Of You Shall Go Out Of The Door Until Morning
  13. A Covenant In His Blood
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