Pray Without Ceasing

by John Robert Stevens

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Available PDF Download: Pray Without Ceasing, by John Robert Stevens.

Pray Without Ceasing

Everyone needs to read a fresh, stimulating book on prayer. Here is one. This book will give you more than an analysis of prayer; it will give you the stimulus to pray. The disciples asked the Lord, “Teach us to pray,” not “Teach us how to pray.” Perhaps we need both. These chapters are strong, sometimes “heavy,” but don’t you think that we need drastic measures to correct our prayerlessness?

Table of Contents:

  1. What Will It Be–A Token Or A Torrent?
  2. If Thou Go Not With Us
  3. Every Member An Intercessor
  4. Intercession In The Spirit
  5. The Necessity Of Travail
  6. If I Regard Iniquity In My Heart
  1. Intercession In The Kingdom
  2. The Spirit Of An Effective Intercessor
  3. Objectives Of Prayer
  4. Prayerlessness–The Sin Against The Lord
  5. A Meeting With The Lord
  6. Persistent Prayer–For What And To Whom?
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