Romans Eight Outlines

by John Robert Stevens

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Available PDF Download: Romans Eight Outlines, by John Robert Stevens.

Romans Eight Outlines

Romans 8 is more than a chapter; it is the blueprint for our present experience as sons of God. It echoes the groaning and travail of our spirits to be released from futility and to become the agents who liberate all creation.

The truths of Romans 8 have stood as glorious mountain peaks, seen by every prophet throughout the ages. Today, however, God is speaking to His sons, “Those mountain peaks are yours. Possess them!” These outlines are a journey for the son, beginning with his liberation from the law of sin and death and the bondage of the flesh, and culminating with the fulfillment of his destiny–to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

Let the truths found in these pages do more than inspire you. Let them drive you to join in the cry of those who are fed up with futility and are demanding their inheritance as sons of God.

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