The Shape of Things to Come

by John Robert Stevens

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Available PDF Download: The Shape of Things to Come, by John Robert Stevens.

The Shape of Things to Come

What is it like to hurdle the boundaries of one age and find yourself in a day without horizon and find yourself a person without limitation? What would it be like to rise out of the morass of futility and stand on the pinnacle of hope and survey the glories of the Kingdom?

We live in a new day which holds both judgment for the world and promises for the remnant of God. The hour of travail is upon the earth; the Lord is speaking of a new way of life. We must be diligent and alert as we prepare to possess our inheritance.

In these chapters we see many of the ways and means by which we are to prepare ourselves to face the most difficult period of history. We see that as a prophetic community we will be preserved by the power of God even while the earth shakes. Yes, the earth will shake, for the remnant is coming into the authority of Christ to bring down Babylon and every power that exalts itself against the Lord. These are days of great change and distress, but the need of the remnant is not to have a sense of survival. We are sons of destiny; and as we face this day, we must have an awareness of our relationship to the King and to His Kingdom.

Table of Contents:

  1. Be Diligent! Be Alert!
  2. Glorified In His Saints
  3. We Don’t Have Much Time
  4. Purged, Purified, And Refined
  5. Agony
  6. Jubilee–Release And Restore
  7. What Believers Should Know About These Times
  8. Betrayal
  9. Deception, Revelation, And Intercession
  10. The Early Church
  11. The Shape Of Things To Come
  12. Immunity Of The Remnant In The End Time
  1. New Testament Church Pattern
  2. The School Of Prophets
  3. The Humble Shall Prevail
  4. The Family With A Purpose
  5. Dedicated To The Rules Of The Road
  6. Perfect Wisdom And Perfect Revelation Equals Perfect Joy
  7. All Things In Subjection
  8. The Creative Day Of The Kingdom
  9. Thirst To Learn
  10. Expanding Vision
  11. From Swords To Plows
  12. From Plows To Swords
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