The Word

by John Robert Stevens

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The Word

The consuming desire of the disciples in the early Church was to speak, to proclaim the Word of the Lord. They believed and effectually demonstrated that the Lord Jesus Christ was speaking through them. They knew that they were the members of His Body and the extension of their Lord Jesus upon the earth. This is the history of the book of Acts, and it is being repeated in these times. The chapters of this book will be a great blessing and encouragement to you.

Table of Contents:

  1. They Spoke The Word Of God
  2. The Word Of Truth
  3. Speak The Word Only
  4. The Famine For The Word
  5. Speak The Word Of The Lord
  6. The Testimony Of Jesus
  7. Those Who Spoke The Word Of God
  8. The Laver
  9. Jacob And Israel
  10. Believe It And Say It
  11. The Word Sounded Forth
  12. Concentrate On The Word
  13. To Be And To Become
  14. “Be It Done Unto Me According To Thy Word”
  1. The Man Believed The Word
  2. “Can These Bones Live?”
  3. The Word Made Flesh
  4. Alert To The Spirit
  5. Dreams And Words
  6. It Is More Blessed
  7. Seek Ye First
  8. Reality And Illusion
  9. My Words In Your Mouth
  10. Let The Word Have Free Course
  11. Burning Hearts
  12. Intensity Of Spirit
  13. Heart, Hand, And Head
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