Walking Together

by John Robert Stevens

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Walking Together

This is our calling as the Body of Christ: that we walk together, dedicated to oneness and to His Lordship. God’s Kingdom must be our priority! This book by John Robert Stevens contains 17 living Words that are guaranteed to change how you think about oneness and relationships in the Body of Christ.

Table of Contents:

  1. “Operation Buddy”
  2. Prepared Hearts
  3. The Prophets Speak: The Priority Of His Lordship
  4. Dedicated To Unity
  5. The Body Prays
  6. Multiplying The Power Through Unity
  7. Revelation And Confirmation
  8. Our Dedication To Violence Of Spirit
  9. His Kingdom Or Our Kingdoms?
  1. A Word Or The Word Of God
  2. What Is Babylon?
  3. Daughters Of Zion–Women’s Place And Ministry
  4. No Man Shall Covet Thy Land
  5. The Church Or The Churches
  6. Special Instructions For Incorporating New Testament Churches
  7. The Broken Vessels
  8. Exhortations Gleaned From Personal Ministry