by John Robert Stevens

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Along with every great revival movement in the history of the Church, there has been a resurgence of true worship.  In these tremendous days, we find once again that a deep, devoted worship of the Lord is coming forth.  Worship in the spirit should be the principal concern of all Spirit-filled believers who want to walk with God and do His will in their lives.  One of the great, most neglected truths of the Scriptures is that the Father has been seeking worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).   These 15 studies instruct believers in how their worship of the Lord might be directed and enhanced by His Spirit.

Table of Contents:

  1. True Worship in the Spirit
  2. Access and Approach to God
  3. The Altar of Incense
  4. The Universal Worship
  5. Worship and the Fear of the Lord
  6. Worship and Faith
  7. Preparation for Worship
  8. Worship, a Result of a Divine Revelation
  1. Our Sacrifices and Offerings of Worship
  2. Our Altar-Table
  3. Dividing Asunder of Soul and Spirit
  4. The Gifts of the Spirit in the Worship Service
  5. Anointed Music and Worship
  6. Leading the Worship Service
  7. Inflexible Worship
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